UPLSAA Kickstarts the Series on e-Learning Technologies for Libraries at the 38th Manila International Book Fair

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The series on e-Learning Technologies was kickstarted by UPLSAA with a forum entitled Emerging e-Learning Technologies in Libraries last 14 September 2017 at the 38th Manila International Book Fair at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

UPLSAA members and distinctive guests were treated to three standing-room-only, power packed sessions, with 237 forum participants, each with a focused objective:

Session 1: Provide participants the knowledge of e-learning technologies; 

Section 2: Share examples of these e-learning technologies; and

Session 3: Guide participants on how to develop e-learning technologies in libraries.

Mr. Justin Josef Villano, Mathematics Teacher at Miriam College High School (MCHS), started the forum with a discussion on the transition of the library role to a learning common – a place for collaboration with access for information to multiple resources. Villano also shared the technologies used in the learning common at MCHS.

Warming up to the subject of library innovations, Villano discussed the importance of knowing the needs of teachers and students for a common learning area which allows them spaces for collaboration, content-creation, and generation of ideas. Villano ended his discussion by reiterating that the library should provide resources across all subjects and disciplines, make available pivotal and important technologies, and be accessible to all by first to open, last to close.

Mr. Francis Uyham, General Manager at LRN Ventures, Inc. (Zeteo Academy), segued in with a discussion on what is a future library. Uyham delineated the role of a library as provision of 21st century skills - learning, literacy and life skills - to future-ready students, ensuring their success in future individual endeavors. A future-ready library, as Uyham depicted, should create spaces for critical and creative thinking, collaboration, information access and literacy, and technology competency.

Uyham emphasized that a 'future-ready library' can be achieved by maximizing available 21st century mobile technology, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and applying them to the library.  Uyham culminated his discussion by citing applications and developments of AR and VR in libraries.

Due to a conflict in schedule, regrettably, Mr. Alan Taule, Chief Science Research Specialist of Science and Technology Information Institute, Department of Science and Technology (DOST-STII), was not able to make it to the forum. In Taule’s behalf, Ms. Nelly Agpawa, Science Research Specialist II of DOST-STII, discussed the AR applications developed for Science and Technology Augmented Reality Library (STARLibrary). Agpawa shared the features, uses, impacts and challenges of these AR apps to STARLibrary. Agpawa capped her discussion by showcasing the STARLibrary in a video.

Villano, Uyham and Agpawa authoritatively engaged in an informative discussion with participants which includes librarians, teachers, and students. Knowing the existence of an initiative for e-learning technologies for libraries being spearheaded in collaboration with innovative individuals excited the participants and made them hopeful about the future of Philippine libraries. Insights on the cited e-learning technologies, tips on initiating an e-learning approach to libraries and recommendations on available applications for e-learning technologies were received with much gusto.

E-Learning Technologies endeavors for Philippine libraries is a growing collaboration of many concerned and gifted individuals. Join UPLSAA in this continuing series.