UPLSAA 2017-2018 Executive Board Election

UPLSAA Election Result

The UPLSAA is very pleased to announce the winners of the 2017-2018 Executive Board Elections. The UPLSAA received 13 nominations and all nominees accepted. The UPLSAA members were asked to vote 7 nominees, out of the 13 nominated, to be part of the Executive Board 2017-2018. The elections ran from May 26 to June 09, 2017.

The Top 7 who would be part of the Executive Board 2017-2018 are as follows:

1. Carlos Eclevia – 89 votes
2. Rizalyn Seguin Visperas-Janio – 83 votes
2. Alistair Troy B. Lacsamana – 83 votes
4. Janny Surmieda – 79 votes
5. Jo-Anne Domingo – 69 votes
6. Michelle Arispe– 68 votes
7. Pipay Cornago – 58 votes

The incoming UPLSAA President, Ms. Jessie Rose Bagunu appointed Ms. Tina Garcia as the new board Secretary (as per Article V Section 2 of the UPLSAA Consitution and by Laws (http://www.uplsaa.org.ph/node/5)

Thank you very much for voting! Thank you to all nominees who have a willing heart to serve, and congratulations to the new Executive Board!